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Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is a Good Investment

Are you looking for ways to make your smile brighter? You are not alone. Not all of us have flawless white teeth at birth. Most of us have ivory-colored teeth, which become more yellow and darker with age. 

While it’s normal to feel self conscious about it, that shouldn’t hinder you from having the confidence to let the world see your smile. 

If you browse on the internet, you will find several articles about naturally whitening your teeth using products you can find at home or at the grocery store. But the science supporting these methods is weak and lacking. 

Thankfully, the dental industry introduced us to modern solutions for teeth whitening. You can now choose from excellent options, from laser teeth-whitening procedures to custom bleaching trays.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Ultimately, these procedures can help increase your confidence and improve your smile. If you consult one of our dentists for professional teeth whitening in Stone Mountain, GAwe can help you find the best option that fits your needs. Calm Dentistry is here to help. 

But, of course, to help you decide if this cosmetic dental option is right for you, we will share what is involved and the benefits. Is it safe and painless? You’ll find out! Keep reading. 

What is Professional Teeth Whitening?

Due to various reasons, your teeth may gradually become less ‘pearly’ white over time. 

Smoke, aging, drugs, trauma, and medications are some common reasons for teeth discoloration. Food and beverages, including coffee, tea, and red wine, cause teeth stains. 

The vibrant color pigments of these drinks are referred to as chromogens. The chromogens bind to the white tooth enamel, which darkens it.

The goal of professional teeth whitening is to make teeth appear whiter. A bleaching chemical is used, leaving teeth visibly brighter and whiter.

Now, there are two ways to have your teeth professionally whitened. Both options involve bleaching chemicals based on peroxide (carbamide or hydrogen peroxides).

  • In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening

For in-office bleaching, a peroxide gel with a reasonably high concentration (15% to 43% peroxide) is applied to your teeth throughout several 8-minute sessions. A unique light that enhances and expedites the whitening process activates the peroxide. It may take up to one hour to complete the process.

The results of in-office whitening can be astounding. Results can be noticed immediately after the appointment, and teeth whitening can be accomplished more quickly. The outcomes differ from person to person. After the procedure, teeth are usually 2 to 8 shades lighter.

  • At-Home Teeth Whitening

You may get your teeth whitened at home, as the term implies. A low-concentration peroxide-based solution (3% to 20% peroxide) and a specially constructed bleaching tray created by your dentist are included in professionally prescribed take-home whitening kits.

Take-home teeth whitening does not give immediate results, unlike in-office whitening. The gel will be applied to your teeth. This uses specially constructed whitening trays that you must wear daily for hours. Then, you see your teeth whiten gradually. 


Dental specialists are the best people to diagnose the cause of tooth discoloration and offer guidance on whether tooth whitening would be an effective treatment. So, make sure to consult your dentist first before you undergo any of these two. 

You can always reach out to our professional dentist at Calm Dentistry, Dr. Carla Givan. You can have peace of mind that a highly experienced dentist will be there throughout your teeth whitening journey.

What are the Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening has several benefits that make it a worthy investment. Here are a few of them:

  • Enhances Your Self-Esteem

One of the first things people notice about you when they meet you is your smile.


A person’s smile can convey a young attitude and show that you’re approachable and nice. With this, teeth that are unsightly or discolored may make you feel self-conscious when smiling. Your self-esteem suffers because smiling genuinely makes you feel good about yourself.

Professional teeth whitening restores your smile while also boosting your self-confidence. When you get rid of unpleasant dental stains, you provide yourself with more social options. The possibilities are endless, for sure!

  • Improves Oral Health

Professional dental stain removal improves the strength and health of your teeth, reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease brought on by plaque buildup.

Observantly, people who have had professional whitening treatments are more likely to take care of their teeth than those who have not because they can see the results and feel motivated to keep their teeth looking white. 

They maintain a more hygienic oral hygiene routine by using mouthwash, flossing, and brushing their teeth more frequently.

  • Provides Quicker and Long-Lasting Results

Unlike at-home whitening procedures, professional teeth whitening can completely transform your smile in an hour. It’s great that you won’t have to wait weeks to notice a change in how your teeth look! 

Even though store-bought goods may be less expensive, you get what you pay for.

Furthermore, the results may be mediocre even after waiting a long time for whiter teeth. The certainty that you will be pleased with the results is one of the advantages of having teeth whitening done in a dentist’s office.

  • Ensures Safe and Comfortable Treatment

Over-the-counter tooth whitening products can damage the gum tissue in your mouth. Your teeth may become sensitive, and as a result, you may experience pain when eating some food or drinks.

Because an experienced professional is doing the teeth whitening procedure and will closely observe the development at every stage, professional whitening treatment is significantly safer and more comfortable. Painless? Yes!

Your gums and other areas of your mouth are covered for protection, and the quantity and concentration of the whitening agent can be changed. Additionally, you’ll learn how to minimize tooth sensitivity and how to care for your teeth after the appointment.

  • Treatments are Designed Especially for You

People love the outcomes of expert teeth whitening for a reason. Dentists create a professional teeth whitening solution just for you and your unique needs instead of mass-produced, one-size-fits-all alternatives.

At Calm Dentistry, for example, we determine the precise level of whitening you need for your smile during your consultation. 

Based on that, we may design a tailored treatment plan to ensure you achieve your outcomes. Additionally, you can relax knowing that your customized treatment system will offer the most thorough stain removal possible, whether you select expert in-office or at-home treatments.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Right for You?

Take note that professional teeth whitening only works on natural teeth. If your natural teeth and gums are in good condition, teeth whitening could be your best option

Your existing dental fillings, veneers, crowns, or bridges cannot be made lighter or have their tint altered by teeth whitening. Additionally, this option is not recommended for

  • Children under the age of 16
  • Women who are expecting, lactating, or nursing
  • People who have gum disease and receding gums
  • People with susceptible gums and teeth
  • People who have untreated cavities or faulty restorations
  • People that have internal stains
  • People whose enamel is severely worn
  • People with excessive expectations

If teeth whitening is not currently an option for you, do not give up. Ask our dentist if teeth whitening is still a good option for you when you are old enough, are no longer breastfeeding or pregnant, have taken care of your dental problems, or have improved your oral health.

Where to Find a Trusted Dental Clinic with Professional Teeth Whitening Service

Even though some people may have had excellent results using this at-home, natural technique to whiten their teeth, there is still a substantial danger of damaging or even losing the enamel on your teeth. 

It’s important to speak with a dental expert who can advise you on a more effective way to help you get the bright smile you envision for yourself. But where can you find a reliable dental clinic to do professional teeth whitening?

Location, education and experience, personality, and facilities – consider these common factors when looking for a dental practice to trust. 

The good news is you won’t find it hard to look for professional teeth whitening. 

All our dentists have a love for cosmetic dentistry and smile design. No matter how simple or complex your dental needs are, Dr. Givan, our experienced dentist will have a solution for you. We pledge to deliver top-notch dental treatment in a warm, pleasant, and friendly setting.

Contact us or visit our site to learn more about our dental services.  


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