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Reasons to choose us:

Patient Comfort

We will do everything possible to insure that you have a positive, calm and pain free dentist experience. We understand how this is important for children and families. People in Grayson, Lawrenceville, and other areas trust our dentist to provide great services!

Affordable Dental Care

We are an affordable solution. Not only are we experts at helping you understand your dental insurance benefits, we will also provide the best dental care that meets your budget without insurance.

Comprehensive Dental Care

We can handle all aspects of your dental care by providing a full range of treatment options. This includes the best cosmetic, teeth cleaning, family, pediatric, and emergency dentist services.

Easy Dentist Appointment Scheduling

We understand that life can be busy. We offer a wide range of dentist appointment times so that any patient’s schedule can be accommodated with the best options available. If you have a dental emergency we will get you in the same day or as soon as the next day.

Meet Dr. Givan

and the owner of Calm Dentistry

Dr. Givan is a highly experienced dentist and the owner of Grayson, GA based Calm Dentistry. Prior to opening her own private practice, Dr. Givan worked as an associate dentist in private and public health sectors. She also served as the Dental Director for four dental clinics.

Dr. Givan believes in helping her patients achieve comprehensive dental health in a calm, caring environment. She is a General Dentist who performs all aspects of dentistry including restorative, cosmetic and oral surgery for children and adults. By displaying kindness and compassion, Dr. Givan has helped many patients overcome their dental fears.

Dr. Givan was raised in Decatur, GA. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and went on to earn a Doctorate in Dental Surgery from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. Dr. Givan has completed over 400 credits of post dental school continuing education coursework and takes pride in staying abreast of the latest dental treatment options. She is the proud wife to Dr. Kris Givan, mother to the amazing Elle Givan and doggy mom to Chloe G.

Calm Dentistry Is For ALL AGES!

Take comfort in the assurance that, as our patients, you will receive one-on-one consultations and treatments from one of the best dentists in Grayson, GA. Many families have already benefited from our expertise in maintaining dental health and achieving cosmetic goals.

Whether it is a routine dental check-up or emergency dental care, you can trust us only to give you the service you deserve. And don't worry, we will ensure your little champs won't be afraid of their dental appointments! We are all dedicated professionals who are eager to help the whole family achieve optimal oral health in a stress-free and super comfortable setting. We are passionate about building relationships with our clients that last a lifetime.
We are a dental office that serves zip codes 30017. 30052, 30039, 30078, 30044, 30046, 30045, 30019, 30043, 30011, and more zip codes near area!
Drop your "dental clinic near me" searches, and trust Calm Dentistry. We invite you to click the button below to learn more about our team, treatment options, and what makes us different.

Look your best with our Dentistry Services

What to Expect At Your 1st Dental Visit at Calm Dentistry

When you come in for your first appointment, we'll set aside enough time for us to get to know each other and learn the fundamentals of your dental care needs.

We'll spend a little more time with you at this first session than we do at your regular recare appointments to provide a comprehensive assessment and a treatment plan that's specific to achieving your best smile!

Calm Dentistry, a recognized black-owned dentistry in Grayson, GA, is always happy to welcome new patients. Whether you need cleaning, filling, emergency care, or cosmetic procedures, we're here to help!

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