You are currently viewing Today we’re discussing crowns, and not the kind that queens wear!

Today we’re discussing crowns, and not the kind that queens wear!

What are dental crowns and bridges?

A dental crown is a restorative option for teeth that are decayed, broken, have had a root canal or need
protection in some way. A crown covers the outer surface of a tooth and is sometimes referred to as a
“cap.” Crowns can be made from several materials including tooth colored porcelain-like materials or

“Well can I just get a filling instead of a crown?”
When teeth are damaged to the point that a filling will no longer protect the tooth a crown is needed. If
a large filling is placed on a fragile tooth, the tooth may fracture and become unrestorable.

“How will my crown appointment go?”
Getting a crown is a fairly simple and common procedure. You will receive the same local anesthetic that
you would get for any filling appointment. Impressions of your mouth will be made. You will work with
the dentist and assistant to select the shade of the crown to match your teeth. Your tooth will then be
prepared for the crown with a dental handpiece to slightly reduce the dimension of your teeth so that a
crown will fit over it. A temporary crown will be fabricated and placed on your tooth with temporary
cement. Once your permanent crown is finalized, you will return for a quick appointment to have it

“What is a bridge?”
A bridge is a span of crowns attached together to protect and replace teeth. They are prepared in a
much similar way as a single crown.

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