You are currently viewing Did you know? March is Women’s History Month!

Did you know? March is Women’s History Month!

During this time, we will commemorate and celebrate the vital role of women in society. In order for
women to be empowered, we must be in optimal health. Oral health is a very important component of
total health.

Women have unique oral health concerns. Routine dental hygiene such as brushing, flossing and regular
dental appointments can prevent disease. However, conditions such as pregnancy, menopause,
menstruation and hormone levels can raise risks of certain dental problems.

If you are afraid to go to the dentist because of fear of pain or a history or trauma please voice your
concerns to your dentist. At Calm Dentistry we do everything possible to make your dental visit a
pleasant, relaxing and positive experience.

How often should women visit the dentist?
Usually, it is recommended that people visit the dentist twice per year. If a woman has changed
medications that have affected salivary flow, been diagnosed with diabetes, become pregnant, started
taking birth control, etc. they should visit their dentist to identify if any commonly associated oral
changes have occurred. Your dentist may recommend more frequent visits to address these changes.

“If I’m pregnant is it safe for me to go to the dentist?”
Yes. Please inform all staff at the dental office that you are expecting. If x-rays are needed extra
precautions will be taken to protect your baby. Even with routine precautions, the risk to your unborn
baby is very small. Second trimester is considered the best time to have dental work done. Regular
dentist visits help to protect your teeth and gums during pregnancy. Please ask your dentist as many
questions as you’d like. We are here to keep you healthy and comfortable during pregnancy.

“I’m approaching menopause, how may that affect my dental health?”
Sometimes lower levels of estrogen decrease the amount of saliva. Dry mouth can lead to problems
such as sore gums, increased cavities, ulcers, etc. By maintaining regular dental visits, you can discuss
any changes with your dentist and a plan can be formulated to intervene early before damage is caused.
Estrogen changes may also cause osteoporosis. When bones are weakened, periodontal disease (loss of
bone and gums that support teeth) can happen more quickly.

“What are the best ways for women to maintain oral health?”
See your dentist for routine checkups.
Maintain a healthy diet limiting sugar and frequency of snacking.
Don’t smoke and limit alcohol usage.
Replace soda and sugary drinks with water.
Brush for 2 minutes twice daily and floss daily.


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